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lucy mcspirit


 Hello... I'm Lucy!

So you are probably wondering who I am, where I came from and how I got here! My background...I grew up in Lancashire, obsessed with all things art I went on to study Fine Art, Graphic Design, Advertising and Visual Communications. I have worked within the design industry for 19 years mainly Manchester and Sheffield, covering marketing, design account managing, branding, graphic design, advertising, print management...the list goes on. Now a freelance graphic designer, contemporary brand stylist and wedding stationer who has a huge passion for interior design, floristry, everything weddings, typography and paper!! Planning my own wedding in 2017 made me realise how much I loved the industry, the flowers, creating my own stationery, the organising and planning. A few friends asked me to help with their weddings and It grew from there, Lucy McSpirit Design & Stationery was born (that really is a nutshell statement though ha ha) as it has been a very busy few years of hard work building up my little business but also very exciting! Creating contemporary wedding stationery for the design conscious couple was something I became very passionate about, offering a bespoke service as well as house design ranges that are fully customisable. Now a National and Regional Award Winning Wedding Stationer. Winning five awards has blown me away! So not only helping couples with their weddings but also wedding suppliers and clients nationwide with their branding and design requirements. So that's me, Lucy, in a nutshell! If you would like to get in touch for more information and have an idea you wish to discuss, whether it is wedding related or not please do! I'd love to help! I have lots of new ideas coming soon that I'm working on BTS too so watch this space! 

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